If your operation needs fully cooked Wings… or …raw Wings you can prepare, we have you covered!  Sauce away and garnish to make your Wings a wonderous crowd pleaser.  Our fully cooked Wings are:


When it comes to Chicken Breasts, we have a full range of products to suit every need!  It it’s a particular size you need, or meat protein you are after, we have you covered – even low sodium and bone in.  Our product offering provides both Cooked and Raw formats.  There’s even a “Butterfly” option, ready and at the waiting for you to stuff with your own tasty creations.


A staple for a whole host of easy-to-prepare menu dishes, our Chicken Breast Strips and Dices are just what you need!  They’re excellent in quesadillas, fajitas, stir fry, pasta dishes and as a salad topper.  With a nicely grill marked appearance, it will upscale what you’re serving with ease.  We have a host of products in this category and are sure to have what you need.


To name just a few, Shawarma and Quarter Chicken are some of our Specialty items.  Having said that, what makes “specialty items” special, is you!  Just ask us about what you might be looking for and our Team will work to make it happen for you.  No ask is too small, no dream is too big.

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